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    The composition of the rattan machine and it produces the product features

    Source:http://www.jzfcs.comRelease time:2017-03-28Views:

    The imitation rattan machine is also known as the plastic rattan machine, which is a kind of imitation rattan extrusion device, its main components include plastic extrusion host, mold, hydraulic (or manual), screen changer (optional), cooling Sink, traction and rewinding systems. To produce a variety of different shapes and colors of plastic imitation rattan is the main purpose of imitation rattan machine.

    Plastic rattan machine can produce products including round vine, flat vine, embossed rattan, simulation rattan, effect rattan, dream rattan, rattan vine, etc., are widely used in the residence of indoor and outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs, As well as various types of weaving crafts. The product is characterized by a strong ductility, can be washed, not mildew, no harmful substances, anti-ultraviolet and anti-adverse weather environment.