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Contact Us
  • Dongguan Jitian Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Contact:Mr.Lu
  • Phone:13392381288 / 13809820145
  • Tel:+86 0769 8550-7435
  • Fax:+86 0769 8550-5434
  • Website:www.jzfcs.com
  • Alibaba:http://www.jtsj001.cn
  • Address:No. 65 Of Chiling Section,GuanTai Road,HouJie Town,DongGuan City
  • About Us

    Dongguan Jitian Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Jitian Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized designer, manufacturer and dealer of auxiliary equipment of plastic machinery.

    Our professional company specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic machines, such as automation series, granulating& recycling series, drying & dehumidifying series, mixing & separating series, heating & cooling series, feeding & conveying series and some auxiliary device recycling production of powerful water cooling crushing, mixing and drying or palletizing for wasted plastics, storage, conveying and mixing for all kinds of plastics and other kinds of auxiliary equipment in plastics field.

    About all parts of the equipment adapted to known brand products. Our company had experiences and technologies made plastic plates(sheets),so it has the easy operation ,and the products made by us has characteristics of low cost, cleaning outside, little error, antiseptic, insulation and other merits. What's more, if you make a better change for it, it’s acceptable.Our products are distributed in all parts of the country, and export to the country mainly in Southeast Asia and Middle East. Especially plastic granulator & recycler series are popular to domestic and abroad for its good quality and high production capacity. Our machine can meet different kinds of customer’s requirement. We can make the right machine which is suitable for our customers all over the world. We try our best to cooperate sincerely with every customer who is interested in our products domestic and abroad.